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Apple Offering Discounted Battery Replacements for Older iPhones

Apple Offering Discounted Battery Replacements for Older iPhones

iPhone users have long accused Apple of intentionally slowing down their older iPhones, possibly in an attempt to force them to upgrade. While this has been mostly speculation in the past, recently Apple has admitted to intentionally decreasing performance on aged iPhones.

Apple states that the updates which lead to the decreased performance are to maintain the health and longevity of the phone and not to force a user to upgrade to the newest model iPhone. Apparently, performance issues stem from the lithium ion battery degrading (such degradation is normal for any rechargeable battery) and not the rest of the internal hardware. Their claim is that slowing down your phone will in turn help maintain the battery’s overall life and prevent issues such as unexpected shutdowns.

In light of this, Apple has begun to offer reduced price battery replacements on any iPhone 6 or later. Any battery replacement by Apple runs $79, but they are now offering the discounted price of $29 (parts and labor included). This is regardless of diagnostic test results that Apple is required to run before servicing any phone. Typically, they would only replace batteries that fail the diagnostic testing. Do keep in mind that if there are any third-party components or any other damages to the phone, they will not service your battery. This a great deal considering you can’t even buy a third-party battery online for $29. Any Apple Store can knock out the battery swap in-house in about 2 hours or less.

So, if you have an older iPhone 6 or later and have noticed your phone has begun to run poorly, head on over to Apple’s support site and schedule a reservation with the Genius Bar to get started. Keep in mind that Apple is a real stickler for reservations, so make sure to secure your spot before trying a walk-in appointment!

Jared Haire, IT Specialist