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We service a wide range of technology, including Microsoft Windows based & Apple Macintosh hardware and software.

An IT professional is one of the most important partners in ensuring the success of your business. You want someone you can count on to be there when you need them, as well as know your business and its technology needs.

We offer a personal and professional relationship at a competitive rate without the up-sell or hidden charges.

We Sell Service

Providing you with the best customer service possible is our goal. Here are some of the most common services we provide:

Business Solutions

The Low Country is home to many businesses – From small and home offices to multi-national corporations, and each one relies on technology to keep them competitive. Having somebody to keep that technology up and running is imperative.

Whether it’s a new system roll-out, migration, or upgrade, every project needs proper planning and testing. Having someone on call for such projects can save time and money for your company. Call us to inquire about partnership options to find a service solution that meets your needs and your budget.

On-Site Service

From in-home computer repair to networking and integration at the office, We can help you make the right decisions and effectively turn your technology problems into a solution.

Pop-ups and fake security software keep you from using your computer? The latest media device not working on your TV? Your smart phone is acting dumb?

These are some of the most common things people are dealing with involving the technology in their home or office. We can help so you can get back to doing the stuff you’re great at.


Did you just get a new iPhone and can’t figure out how to access all of your existing email accounts? Are you buying a new computer and want to know how to get the most out of it?

Regardless of the quality of the instructions that came with your new multi-function printer, nothing beats the help of someone who understands the technology and can relay it to you in a way that you understand.

Website Creation & Maintenance

Running a business without a website is unheard of today. We believe in a clear and simple website that is easy to navigate. We believe in value – for you and your clients. Your customer’s time is a value and having a website that respects that is a direct reflection of the professionalism you want to convey. Your website also needs to stay current, which is another way to provide value.

We can help you design, deploy and maintain your website. We can also advise you in a marketing plan to get your site noticed.

About Us


Charleston Tech Support is a family owned and operated technology business based in North Charleston, South Carolina. Founded in June of 2005, the company serves the Charleston area with on-site technology support, training, and solutions for businesses, entrepreneurs, and families.

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